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The Shankman & O'Neill



For over 10 years, Author Ed Shankman and Illustrator Dave O'Neill have collaborated to create rhyming picture books that have found a special place in the hearts of families across the nation.


Your children will lose themselves in the dazzling illustrations, the irrepressible imaginings, and the magical, mesmerizing music of words.

You’ll love reading these books aloud as whimsical notions tumble off your tongue in sparkling rhyme.


Whether you choose the award-winning “I Met a Moose in Maine One Day”, the family favorite, “My Grandma Lives in Florida”, the heart-warming “The Sea Lion’s Friend”, the giggle-inducing “Where’s the Bathroom” or any other Shankman & O’Neill classic, you and your family will discover a blend of creativity, meaning, and pure fun that you’ll want to share again and again. 


Ed is the award-winning author of 14 children's books (and counting). He has also published his novel, "The Backstage Man" — a labor of love that he co-authored with his cousin, Robert Gordon, over the course of 35 years.

Ed’s entire life has been one long creative project. In addition to writing fiction for both children and adults, he is a performing musician (lead guitarist/singer/songwriter) and painter. Who knows, maybe some day he’ll take up ballet! (We’ll keep you posted.) Creativity has also been the driving force in his professional career where he served as a Chief Creative Officer in the advertising industry.


Dave O'Neill is an Illustrator and Art Director. Throughout his career, Dave has worked with several advertising and marketing agencies where he specialized in children's brands and event planning but he'd rather be drawing animals wearing hats. When he's not bringing Ed's rhymes to life, he lends his design skills to The Growing Stage—The Children's Theatre of New Jersey where he serves as President of the Board of Trustees. He is the recipient of the 2019 Award of Excellence from the New Jersey Theatre Alliance for his work there. He is currently working on his latest project, a web comic entitled "The Canon Continuum—The Supranormal Time-Hopping hiatus of Callum Canon".

Dave is the illustrator behind the graphic novel accompanying Rob Rokicki's "Monstersongs", which puts audiences in a synthesized world of graphic novels, rock musicals, live performance, and new technology.

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