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Author Karlin Grey gets our "Five Favorites!"

Last year, we had the honor of being asked to participate in the 2nd Annual Saugatuck StoryFest at The Westport Library in Westport, CT. The Library's Children's Department hosted a day's worth of interactive experiences with picture book authors, so Ed and I brought along our newest title (at the time) "Where's the Bathroom?"

Also participating in the event was fellow children's writer Karlin Grey, who presented her title, "Serena: The Littlest Sister". Upon meeting her, she informed us that she runs a blog that hosts a Q&A section with authors and illustrators. She offered the chance to participate in her "Five Favorites" section, in which she asks guests to outline their favorite books, places to write/draw, even our mentors.

We jumped at the chance! Karlin was a pleasure to meet and love a good reason to write about ourselves!

So without further explanation or semi-relevant gifs that I simply added because Falkor rules, read our FIVE FAVORITES, here. (If you had to guess who Ed's rhyming books mentor is, who would you guess?)



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