Author Ed Shankman and Illustrator Dave O'Neill are the creative team behind 6 children's books, and counting! You'll love reading these books aloud as whimsical notions tumble off your tongue in sparkling rhyme. Your children will lose themselves in the dazzling illustrations, the irrepressible imaginings, and the magical, mesmerizing music of words.

Ed Shankman, Author

Ed Shankman's entire life has been one long creative project. He has been writing children's books since he himself was a child. He has been a performing lead guitar player and an impassioned, if imperfect, painter. He is currently making the rounds with his most cherished project, a novel called the Backstage Man that was written over a period of three decades.

Fittingly, perhaps, Ed has earned a living for most of his adult life as Creative Director at various advertising agencies, using his connection with the creative process to help others make the most of their own creative potential. Prior to entering the advertising industry, Ed spent 7 years as a welder, having mastered the trade while living on an Israeli kibbutz in the late 1970s.

Today, Ed lives in Verona, NJ, with his wife Miriam, who is the love of his life, and their two cats.

David O'Neill, Illustrator

Dave O'Neill is an Illustrator and Art Director. He began drawing when he was a child and is thankful that he never stopped. He also moonlights as a comedian with Out of Order, a NJ-based improv comedy troupe and designs toys in his spare time. More of Dave's work can be found on his blog featuring his illustrations and his online shirt shop, Swell-bot IndustriesThroughout the years, Dave has worked with several agencies, the first of which is where he met Ed Shankman. 

Today, Dave is a husband to a cool girl and a father to a smaller cool girl.