What people are saying about Shankman and O’Neill

“When I found Shankman and O’Neill I felt like I had found a lost treasure! . . . what they have to offer is worthy of being on a children’s classic list. Trust me, we read a lot of books around here and Shankman and O’Neill are in a league of their own.” – 


The Shankman and O'Neill Cast of Characters

The Shankman and O'Neill Cast of Characters

 “All of Shankman and O’Neill’s books are amazing.” –

“Worthy of a children’s classic list . . . an irresistible read . . . in a league of their own . . .” 

 “Just over a week ago, we added Ed Shankman and Dave O’Neil’s “I Met a Moose in Maine One Day” to our home library, and I can honestly say I nearly have it memorized because the girls have requested that I read it so much.” –


“Well, it looks like our new favorite author/illustrator team is back at it again with a new addition to their book line-up and you are going to love this one, too!!!” –, writing about Champ and Me by the Maple Tree


“Whimsical rhymes and wonderful illustrations make this book an irresistible read for children 3-7 and for the people who love them.” –, writing about “I Met a Moose in Maine One Day”


“The rhythmic writings of Ed Shankman and the cuddly illustrations from Dave O’Neill have come to feel like old friends here at our house.” –


“Author Ed Shankman and illustrator Dave O'Neill have done a fantastic job in
creating this fun book for children ages two to seven. . . Although meant for young children, I loved reading the book and admired the colorful illustrations - and, my grandchild keeps asking me to read the book to him over and over again . . .Young and old are certain to enjoy this book -- as well as other books by Shankman and o'Neill.” 
–, writing about “My Grandma Lives in Florida”