#8: Where Did THAT come From?

Getting a creative idea is like being struck by friendly lightning. My initial reaction is always, “Where did that come from?”

The fact is, the best creative ideas aren’t chiseled or built; they are glimpsed out of the corner of the mind’s eye – an unfamiliar shape . . . a spark in the darkness. The trick is to recognize them, trust them, and allow them to take form in your open palm.

I have always been driven – and exhilarated -- by the idea that there’s some splendid secret in the corner of my mind, just around the next bend, waiting to be written, or painted, or played. In fact, when I recorded a CD of original music with some friends several years ago, I named the band, “Secret” and the album, “Corner of the mind.”

Another way to look at it is that ideas are like aliens who are far more advanced than we are. We don’t find them. They find us.

Ed Shankman

Ed's entire life has been one continuous creative project. In addition, to writing, playing music, and painting, he is the chief creative officer at an advertising agency, where he helps others discover and focus their own creative voices. As you can see by this book, Ed fancies himself the world's leading expert on the imaginary lives of lobsters. He lives in Verona, NJ, with his wife, Miriam.