#6: Just Do It

People always tell me they wish they could write, or illustrate, or play guitar, or paint. This is a wish that can be granted in an instant.

Write. Draw. Play. Paint! 

I recently came across a saying in Zen Buddhism that, “enlightenment is closer to you than your own face.” The same can be said of art. It is immediately available at all times. Although training can help with some formal avenues of art, it is not required to create meaningful work. I met a young boy who made magnificent creatures out of anything he could find around the house and glue. I’ve seen people do amazing things with bits of hardware. I, myself, began playing guitar on a single string without so much as a single lesson. When I felt comfortable, I added a string. Today, I’m pretty good. I certainly never “learned” to write children’s books.

Art is closer to you than your own face. All you have to do is do it.
(So what are you waiting for?)

Ed Shankman

Ed's entire life has been one continuous creative project. In addition, to writing, playing music, and painting, he is the chief creative officer at an advertising agency, where he helps others discover and focus their own creative voices. As you can see by this book, Ed fancies himself the world's leading expert on the imaginary lives of lobsters. He lives in Verona, NJ, with his wife, Miriam.