#9 The world is a fairy tale

The real world is no less magical or colorful than a children’s book, if you pay attention to what you see and understand that every person, creature, and object has a story.  Small acts of heroism occur daily – when one colleague stands up for another in the workplace; when a child’s friend defends him or her against a bully; when someone takes in a stray cat or faces the music with honesty despite potential consequences. Love, of every kind, is also a constant presence, as are the amazing moments when we connect with a stranger as though they have known each other forever. And don’t forget the daily instances of everyday people making a stand against everyday challenges. These are heroic deeds, wonderful tales of colorful people doing all the things that make great stories worth reading – and writing.

Understanding this is the key to real storytelling. But it’s also the key to empathy, because seeing others as the protagonists in their own stories helps us understand life from their point of view.

Ed Shankman

Ed's entire life has been one continuous creative project. In addition, to writing, playing music, and painting, he is the chief creative officer at an advertising agency, where he helps others discover and focus their own creative voices. As you can see by this book, Ed fancies himself the world's leading expert on the imaginary lives of lobsters. He lives in Verona, NJ, with his wife, Miriam.