#4: On Fear

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Working in New York City and living in New Jersey affords me ample time to indulge thanks to the lengthy commute. Recently, thanks to my addiction to Radio Lab, I've started listening to NPR's Invisibilia, a show that in their own words "explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior". A recent episode focused on fear and it features a weapon we can all use to fight it: Fear = Thinking + Time.

Jason Comely offered it up (more about him here) and it got me thinking, what in the creative process do I fear and could this be worth exploring? I often find myself hesitant to start a new project, afraid of taking the "correct" first steps, afraid it will not be good enough (you know, all that swell nagging your brain likes to do when you set out to create something new). What I've recently learned about these little hurdles though, is that simply starting is sometimes enough. If I don't think too hard about it and get bogged down in planning, I've killed two koopa troopa's with one scone (don't kill birds with stones). I've started and I've denied myself the time to dwell on those inherent fears. For me, it's "don't over think it, dive in."

How about you? Is there anything you fear that you can tackle with this in mind? 

David O'Neill

Dave has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator since graduating from art school. When he's not illustrating children's books, he is an Art Director specializing in advertising and marketing, a toy designer and an improvisational comedian. Dave would like you to believe that he traveled the world documenting the habits and hobbies of lobsters, but he probably did not. Or did he? Hard to say. Dave spends his days as a husband and father to the 2 prettiest girls he knows.